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How Can I Get My Videos Back On My computer from Facebook?

Heyy I put several videos on facebook but I deleted them off my computer and i was wondering if there was a way to copy them or download them back to my computer? i use google crome or internet explorer and I don't want to have to download a new browser ideally to get the videos back

Please help :)How Can I Get My Videos Back On My computer from Facebook?
This is just a workaround.

There is probably an easier way, but I prefer using FFixer.

On Google Chrome:

Go to FFixer:

Click on the "Install" button.

Accept whatever it asks.

After it is installed, go to Facebook.

Log in.

Under "Account", click on "Configure FFixer".

Click on "Other Options".

Tick the box that says "Add a link to download the videos from video pages. (You may need an FLV player)"

Click on the "Close" button.

Press F5 or reload your Facebook Page.

There should now be a link to download the video.

(Just below "Report Video".)

What is the name of that game where you use paddle to bounce ball up to destroy blocks?

when i was a lot younger i always played a gamee that had a paddle that you moved left and right to bounce a ball toward the top of the screen. there was a lot of blocks above that you had to use the ball to destroy. i just cant remember the name of that game. they actually use that game in the ad for google crome.What is the name of that game where you use paddle to bounce ball up to destroy blocks?
BRICK BREAKWhat is the name of that game where you use paddle to bounce ball up to destroy blocks?
I think it's called Arkanoid.

How do I make my cpu not save history?

I have Google Crome and I know how to erase the history but i cant figure out to set it so it doesnt save it in the first place. any help?How do I make my cpu not save history?
Push Control Shift N on your keyboard. That will open an incognito window that will not save any information during that session. To get rid of the history now, click on the little wrench icon next to the address bar. Choose Tools, then Options. A block will open with three tabs choose Personal Stuff. There is a Clear Browsing History button.

Why is microsoft internet explorer so slow that it keeps freezing up?

I use Google crome for most of my i get a faster response.I also use modzilla firefox. for some sites as that too is more responsive. my bt/yahoo internet is on a site of its own. and i use microsoft internet to access ireland.only microsoft seems to have problems .too slow and not responding.Why is microsoft internet explorer so slow that it keeps freezing up?
Gte rid of internet explorer 8 or Chrome.

Cotrol panel%26gt;add remove programs.

You operating system will keep it's original explorer version.

Use Firefox and install the following Add ons. You will be given a tab bottom right to allow Ads, Script and flash to any web site you choose. I just temporarily allow sties that I don't use very often.

Maintaining your computer

1. Left click on C drive%26gt; properties/run windows disc cleaner

2. Download Ccleaner from here:

3. Install Ccleaner and run the cleaner top left, then run the registry cleaner below it on the left. you don鈥檛 need to backup the registry

4. Left click on C drive%26gt; properties%26gt;Tools%26gt;disc scanner or in the case of Vista it鈥檚 called something else, but it鈥檚 the top tab you click on%26gt; Prompt the scanner to scan upon next reboot and REBOOT COMPUTER)

#(Prepare to wait up to an hour)#

5. After Disk scan/Disk check has finished run windows Disc Cleaner again, Ccleaner again and registry cleaner again.

6. Then you must do a DEFRAGMENTAION of C drive which is START%26gt;ALL PROGRAMS%26gt;ACCESSORIES%26gt;TOOLS%26gt;DEFRAGMENTATI鈥?

Additional options:

You can also run adware 2008:鈥?/a>

Spybot Search %26amp; Destroy鈥?/a>

AVG Anti-virus:

Download and install this browser:

Flash blocker鈥?/a>

Script blocker鈥?/a>

supper add blocker plus.鈥?/a>

This is the flash player for fire fox鈥?/a>

Choose the one for windows explorer鈥?/a>
First off, have you downloaded the latest Internet Explorer, IE 8? It's faster than older versions. Get it at鈥?/a>

If you have it already and it's slow then try fixing this problem by troubleshooting IE 8 with Add-ons disabled -鈥?/a>

You can also reset IE 8's settings by going to Tools %26gt; Internet Options, then the 'Advanced' tab, and then clicking the 'Reset...' button. That may work.

These instructions might solve your issue as well:

How to troubleshoot Internet Explorer issues in Windows Vista and in Windows XP -

How to optimize Internet Explorer -

I hope at least some of this info helps,

- Jake

MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach TeamWhy is microsoft internet explorer so slow that it keeps freezing up?
Your problem might be virus or malware or similar bugs. Do you have a good antimalware program installed? If you have the Yahoo toolbar it has a very good and very quick cleanup program that gets rid of some bad stuff very quickly (seconds, not minutes)

About browsers: people write a lot and pick sides and act as if the other browser is not as good as their favorite browser. I used to take sides too. Not any more. I find good and bad in each browser. Just make sure you do your updates.

For thos Chrome fans: so far Chrome is a distant third in the browser race. Less than 10% adoption. It's possible Google may drop Chrome because it isn't getting customers.
To be honest Internet Explorer is very slow for most people. You are on the right track with mozilla firefox and i'm not crazy about chrome but for it. If you can ditch internet explorer. Internet Explorer also has big security risks so yeah...Why is microsoft internet explorer so slow that it keeps freezing up?
sire u need this browser the firefox from mozilla its for free download it鈥?/a>

after u get used to it you'll hate the day that u knew other browsers
It might be because you don't have the latest updates for your pc. Try to download and install the latest updates using the windows update utility!
you are the first person that uses a specific browser for specific website. just use chrome if you like it. who cares about microsoft.
because microsoft sucks

go buy a mac and use safari
Use chrome %26amp; firefox.IE is very slow and crashes very often.
Scan for spyware\malware.

Download, install and do a FULL scan: here a link for a free one we use at work:鈥?/a>

I removed internet explorer from my computer by going into add/remove programs?

I removed internet explorer from my PC computer by going into add/remove programs and now google crome isn't working. How do I get the internet back on my laptop and working?I removed internet explorer from my computer by going into add/remove programs?
You have angered the Microsoft gods!!! You can remedy this by re-installing Explorer and sacrificing a lamb! (If you don't have a lamb and you don't want to re-install the software, just do a system restore.)
You can not run Windows update, it requires Internet Explorer to function.

Get IE down loaded from another computer and then install it back on your computer.

For information purposes, IE is an exact copy of Windows Explorer with web files embedded into it. What affects Internet Explorer also affects Windows Explorer. I am surprised you are not having other issues going on.

You can disable Internet Explorer by opening the setting and find the tab for the IP Addresses and enter all 0's in the box fields, however this also keeps you from getting Window Updates. You can then delete the IE icons if you want to.I removed internet explorer from my computer by going into add/remove programs?
yes, you can remove it from your add/remove programs,just click Start and to select settings. Then go to the control panel. In the control panel, click on Add/Remove programs. Now you'll see a list of programs that's installed on your computer.Check your list, and select internet explorer. Click on uninstall and confirm that you want to uninstall the program.

or you can run a Software to Force Uninstall internet explorer
If you have Windows 7 and have the disc available, please go to:
Control Panel %26gt; Programs %26gt; Programs and Features %26gt; Turn Windows features on or off

Then check "Internet Explorer 8".

If it's already checked, then try unchecking, clicking OK, go back and check it again, then click OK again.

If you have Vista instead of 7, I am not sure yet how to do this. I am trying to look in the same list, but I do not see IE.I removed internet explorer from my computer by going into add/remove programs?
There are 2 ways u can get back internet explorer

1:Do system restore so u can get back Internet explorer

if u don't know how to do system restore in windows 7 then go to this site

2:get internet explorer setup file from your friend..

hope this helped.....
You need to put internet explorer back on the PC, windows needs it. Download it on another PC.
Run Windows Update:鈥?/a>
do a system restore, system restore lets you put your computer back to an earlier date , and everything at that day you select it at will be back on your computer :)
System restore.
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  • Google images problem?

    if i search a picture on the web browser ( google crome) and i go to the images part, and open the image, its just takes me to google image search page.

    how can i fix this, and why is this happening?Google images problem?
    Make sure Javascript is enabled.

    How do you block websites on your windows xp computer?

    I really would love to know how you can block websites on a computer my little brother is becoming obsessed with runescap and i really would like to block it so that he can get his brain back. also my browser is Google Crome, i don't know if this makes a difference.How do you block websites on your windows xp computer?
    In IE

    Choose Tools

    Choose Internet Options

    Under the security tab

    click on the Restriced sites incon

    Click on Site

    Type in the URL of the site you want blocked

    Hit add

    Your brother will now hate your gutsHow do you block websites on your windows xp computer?
    See Retricted Sites settings and note these are circumvented although they also have some utilites that install a zillion like block porn sites registry keys and all right to the restricted sites in ther registry. These can cause "incremental damage" to the Windows Registry (google it and Microsoft Imposed Registry Size for XP etc).

    Again, this is an ancient feature in windows no matter what browser you are using and has been circumvented and does not always work.

    Note that I am not knocking things - as today's cyber criminal underground tries to break into everything and circumvent all. This is one area they walk right past and these other Restricted Sites Utilites are a basic false sense of security anymore. For a non malicious content website blocking (adds infections) like what you are mentioning - meaning like an average good site but you want to block - this will proably work just fine.

    In the Windows Registry there are like a couple values used by browsers for like Security Zone of like placing a website address in normal, restricted, or Trusted Sites etc. It's like simple one liners of values like 0-4 and when you manually place a site in Restricted Sites to block the browser from going to it - it just adds that registry key value for that site to like 4. That is just an example and not the actual number value.


    How to use security zones in Internet Explorer

    Restricted Sites Zone This zone contains Web sites that you do not trust. When you add a Web site to the Restricted Sites zone, you believe that files that you download or ...

    I tried Google Chrome Browser but I did not look to see if they have these features, and well above is why. The Internet Explorer is the safest anyway..... can of worms arguement.